Mind Rockets Inc established as a startup in March of 2016.


Mind Rockets develops assistive technological solutions for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing worldwide.

Avatars deliver instant translation from text & speech to sign language to help the Engagement and Independence of the Deaf community.

Technology used: translation of speech/text to sign language through animated avatars, the technology has a wide application across public/private sectors' services.

"Most of the Deaf people do not get any education in developing countries, approximately 80% of the world’s 70 million Deaf people do not have any access to education.

Only about 1-2 % of the Deaf get education in sign language.

“Legal development and recognition of sign languages promotes Deaf people’s equal participation in the society.”

-WFD (https://wfdeaf.org/human-rights)

We have an obligation to design our infrastructures to become deaf-friendly and to provide access to our public/private sectors' services.

Mind Rockets produces assistive technologies to actualize the vision of full integration of the Deaf into society.